A Class A Bear license, also called harvest permit or kill tag, is awarded through a "preference point lottery system". In order to purchase a Class A license, you must be a drawing winner. You may apply once each year and you may either purchase a preference point or ask to be included in the drawing. If you are not a drawing winner, one preference point will be added to your total.

The number of preference points required to be a drawing winner is dependent on the number of harvest permits allotted for the upcoming season, the number of applicants, and the bear management zone in which you wish to hunt.



  When can a customer purchase a bear application?

  The bear application is available right away on March 1 when all other licenses and applications go on sale.  The deadline to apply is 11:59pm on December 10.

  Who may apply for bear preference point/ harvest tag?

  Anyone.  There is no minimum age requirement to submit a bear application. 

  How many preference points does a customer currently have?

  You can check a customer's current preference points any time during the license sales process under the Active Products and Points link under the Customer information section.

  How many points does it take to draw a harvest tag for bear?

  It depends on which unit the customer is applying for.  The amount of points needed can also change from year to year depending on the number of applicants and the harvest success rate from the previous year.  An estimate of points needed can be attained by calling the DNR Call Center at 1-888-936-7463.

  Why doesn’t the bear application show up in the product list under Applications?

  There are two possible reasons:  1) The customer may have already purchased this application earlier in the year.  Check the Active products and point section when in the customer record.  2)  The application deadline has passed and the product was removed from the list.

  If a customer already applied this year, can they change the zone they wish to apply for?

  They are able to change their application choices if the deadline for submitting the application has not yet passed, however they cannot do so at your location.  They must make the change on the DNR website, or they can call the DNR Call Center at 1-888-936-7463.

​  I cannot use my bear tag.  May I give it to someone else?

​  A customer who has drawn a harvest tag for bear may transfer that permit to any youth hunter.  This       transfer must be done three weeks before the season begins.  Select the link to the left for more information.