Troubleshooting Your Go Wild Equipment

Troubleshooting Topics

The following is a list of troubleshooting techniques that have been found to help you operate your Go Wild system.  Some of these issues may be resolved with a quick adjustment or calibration.  You may also contact Technical Support at 1-866-381-7668 and select option #2 for more advanced issues. 


System is running slow or has become unresponsive - Try rebooting the system.  There is a proper way to reboot the Go Wild terminal through an on-screen power option.  It is the most secure way to reboot the machine while also maintaining all your settings.  Instructions can be found HERE.

Touchscreen is not responding or not selecting the area touched -   Please contact tech support at 1-866-381-7668 and press option #2.  They can help instruct you on how to calibrate your terminal screen so it has better responsiveness.  Note:  You are also welcome to connect a USB keyboard and/or mouse to your terminal if you wish.

Scanner not scanning properly - You can calibrate your scanner for better performance on driver licenses.  SELECT HERE for instructions on how to calibrate.  Also make sure  the “Ready to scan” window is there before scanning the license.  If you receive an error message, it is best to wait a few seconds and refresh the page by clicking "Sales Home".  More information on scanning license documents can be found HERE

Customer signature does not capture  - Here are some tips for signing the touchscreen:

  • Tell the customer to sign with their finger tip and not their fingernail, and to keep their finger inside the signature box the whole time. 
  • When a customer is signing their name on the front screen, make sure not to be touching the screen, moving a mouse, or typing on a keyboard on your side at the same time.
  • When all else fails, you can select the button that will allow you to print the signature screen.  The customer may then sign on paper and you retain the receipt copy at your business location for 3 years.

Signature screen is "zoomed in" and will not zoom back out - The screen where a customer signs their name has a special capture area that does not like to be zoomed in or out using the traditional "pinching" method.  As a result, the screen will become stuck and the customer is unable to sign.  Here are a few tips you may try:

  • If you have an external keyboard attached
            -  Hold the CTRL button on your keyboard and press “–“  to reduce screen size
            -  Hold the CTRL button on your keyboard and press “+“  to increase screen size
  • If you have an external mouse attached - Right click the mouse and a small on-screen menu will appear.  Select BACK from the top of the menu and it will take you back one screen.  Now you may zoom the screen back to normal using a "pinch" motion, and continue forward to the signature screen again.
  • If you don’t have a keyboard or mouse attached - Press one finger anywhere on the screen and hold for about 2 seconds until a small on screen menu displays.  Select BACK from the top of the menu to go back one screen.  Now you may zoom the screen back to normal using a "pinch" motion, and continue forward to the signature screen again.

Leave your terminal powered on at all times - The terminal will "check in" every night to see if there are any available updates to download.  Should you need to shut down or restart the system, be aware you must turn off the power on the small computer box and not the power buttons on the screens themselves.  SELECT HERE for the equipment setup guide.  Photos on page 4.

Lost connection - If you get an error that reads Cannot display web page, or Connection to the web page was cancelled, that means the system is unable to connect to the internet.  Try a restart on the system.  That may reestablish the connection and allow you to log in.  If you still have issues after a restart, you may need to check your network or contact your internet service provider. 

Monitors (screens) go blank - If one or more of your screens suddenly go blank, check the power indicator lights near the power buttons for the monitors.  There will be a green light indicating that the monitor is turned on.  If there is no light, or the light is flashing, try pressing the power button.   SELECT HERE to access the setup instructions.  You can also check the connections of the cables to the small computer box. There could be a loose connection or a bad cable that is causing the loss of signal to the screens.  If you feel you may have a faulty cable or connection that may need replacing, please contact technical support at 1-866-381-7668 and press option #2.

Printer will not respond - Your printer is set up to go into a "sleep mode" after about 20 minutes, or will go into full shutdown after a few hours of no use.  If you are having issues with printing, notice the lights on the top of your printer which indicate printer status.  You can also contact tech support at 1-866-381-7668 and press option #2.  They can change your printer settings.

  • Solid green light - The printer is awake and ready to accept print jobs
  • Flashing green light - Your printer is in sleep mode.  Sending a print job should "wake" the printer and send the license to print.  If not, perss the button on the printer with the red X on it.  This will also wake the printer and prepare it to accept print jobs.
  • No lights at all - The printer has shut down to save power.  Press the power button on the front of the printer and allow a few seconds to connect.  You may need to reprint the license again.
  • Orange light - There is a printing error such as out of paper, low on toner, or a print job that is pending or stuck.  Press the red X button to clear out the print cache.