Know before you sell...


Touch the button below to see a preview of Go Wild in action​.  It will introduce you to the flow of license sales from user login to license printout.   



The following is a summary of your responsibilities as a license sales agent.  For complete information please refer to the following:

Customer identification and residency:  License agents must request and confirm identification of customers purchasing hunting and fishing licenses.  Driver Licenses are the preferred identification. The customer must be present when purchasing, and cannot obtain licenses for another person.  

SELECT HERE for more information on who can purchase hunting and fishing approvals.

Safety certification:  When a hunting license is selected and safety information is not in the customer’s record for anyone born on or after Jan 1, 1973, Go Wild will prompt the agent to enter the certificate number and issuing state.  IMPORTANT: The agent must see the actual Hunter Safety Certificate, proof of armed forces basic training completion, or previous license with the safety number printed on it.  If the customer cannot provide this information, they will be restricted to purchasing a mentor license.

Customer Signatures: Always have the customer sign the electronic screen at the end of every license purchase.  All customers should be personally attesting to the legal statements on the screen.  The agent should never sign the screen on behalf of the customer.

Paper and toner for printer: The agent is responsible to provide the paper and toner for the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w printer. Please purchase through whatever retailer you wish and keep an adequate supply on hand. Paper and toner are not ordered through DNR.

Replacement/return equipment instructions:  Any equipment that is replaced must be returned promptly using the packaging the replacement came in.  Pre-paid shipping labels will be included.  If the equipment is not received within 15 days, you will receive an invoice for any items not returned.