Equipment Information and Tips

  • Leave your equipment on. The equipment is designed to check in overnight with the host.
  • Do you prefer a keyboard and mouse? These can easily be connected to the ports on the front of the thin computer.
  • The system will only support the DNR issued printer; do not attempt to connect your own.
  • Always log off after completing your customers’ sales. Do not leave the terminal unattended while you are logged in.
  • Does the image look odd? You can easily resize the screen image by using two fingers and swiping up and out to enlarge or down and in to reduce.
  • Use clean white paper.

Cleaning the Monitors


Disconnect the AC power cable before cleaning.

To clean the touchscreen, use window or glass cleaner applied to a clean cloth or sponge. Never apply the cleaner directly to the touchscreen. Do not use alcohol (methyl, ethyl or isopropyl), thinner, benzene, or other abrasive cleaners. Do not wipe the screen with a cloth or sponge that could scratch the surface.

To clean the display unit cabinet, use a clean cloth lightly dampened with a mild detergent.
It is important that your unit remains dry. Do not get liquids on or inside the unit. If liquid does get inside, have a qualified service technician check it before you power it on again.

Equipment List


Printer    HP LaserJet Pro P1102w
Thin Computer  HP t520 W8 16GF/4GR L1D69UC
Large Monitor   ELO 1523L CPAP Touchscreen Display
Small Monitor   ELO 10” secondary display/signature capture
Scanner/Holster  HP Bar Code Scanner BW868AA
Accessories Box  Scanner Stand, Spare Screws, Zip Tie