Conservation Patron License


The Conservation Patron License is a combination license for the avid sportsperson. Purchasing this license offers many different privileges, including licenses, stamps, applications, park admission and more.  The following is a list of all the products a customer will receive when they purchase a Patron License.  It does not include everything.

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NOTE:  The subscription to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine is not included with the Conservation Patron Junior License or the Conservation Patron Purple Heart License.

Conservation patron holders will receive a redemption voucher with their license document printout to trade in for the physical state park sticker. This voucher can be redeemed at any DNR Service Center, State Park or State Forest.


​The Sports License is another combination license that includes three of the most popular licenses available: (Fishing, Small Game, & Deer Gun Hunting)​.  Again, if a customer purchases one of those licenses earlier in the year, the Sports license will not be available in the product list later.  


Q:  Why doesn't the Patron License show up in the product list for the customer?

A:  The patron license will not show up if the customer has already purchased an item that is included in the patron license package.  The Patron should be the first license they purchase for the year.  TIP:  Ask the customer if they have purchased any licenses in the current year before the patron. 

Q:  If a customer purchases another license earlier, can they still get a Patron License for that year?

A:  YES.  The DNR does allow customers to "upgrade" their licenses.  The customer must contact the DNR to have the original license invalidated before the Patron license becomes available.

Q:  Which stamp privileges are included with the Patron License?

A:  All five of the State Stamp privileges (Great Lakes Salmon/Trout, Inland Lake Trout, Waterfowl, Turkey, and Pheasant) are included.  Please note:  The FEDERAL Migratory Bird Stamp must be purchased separately

Q:  Does a Conservation Patron License include Crossbow Deer License?

A:  YES.  The Patron includes all three deer license options:  Gun, Archery, and Crossbow.