Reduced Rate and Speciality Licenses


New Buyer Licenses

A New Buyer License is a reduced rate license offered to customers who have not participated in a given activity in the last 10 years.  When you begin a sale, the system will search for previous licenses in the customer record.  If they have not purchased a certain type of license in the last 10 years, it will offer the reduced rate version of that license in place of the regular priced one like below:


New Buyer Licenses will also affect other licenses that display in the product catalog.  Example:  If a customer qualifies for a new buyer small game, then the system will not offer the Sportsman license, because it is cheaper to purchase the licenses seperately.   If the customer believes they are being offered a new buyer license in error, cancel the transaction and have them contact the DNR at 1-888-936-7463.  The customer may have more than one customer record which is causing the New Buyer license to be offered incorrectly.​

Nonresident Student Licenses
Non-residents who provide proof they are registered full-time students attending a public or private college or university in Wisconsin may be issued certain regular and junior licenses at resident prices, including Nonresident Student licenses for Gun Deer, Archery, Annual Fishing , Small Game and Sports. 

Students must show their personal ID (such as their out of state driver’s license) and their school-issued student card or other documentation showing enrollment in either a technical or 4-year college in Wisconsin.

Citizens of a foreign country temporarily residing in this state while attending a high school located in this state or an agricultural short course at the University of Wisconsin System are also eligible for Nonresident Student Licenses at resident rates.

Nonresident Military Licenses

Non-residents who provide proof they are currently active in the US armed forces and are stationed in wisconsin may be issued certain licenses at resident rates, including Nonresident Military licenses for Gun Deer, Archery, Fishing, Small Game and Sports.

Military members must show their personal ID (such as their out of state driver’s license) and their military ID showing they are in active duty and stationed in Wisconsin.

Disabled Veteran Recreation Card & Other Disabled Licenses
The Wisconsin Resident Disabled Veteran Recreation Card was introduced in 2014. This annual license allows for the following privileges: fishing, small game hunting, admission to Wisconsin state parks and Heritage Hill Historical Park, and free access to any state trail.  It can be issued to Wisconsin residents who provide proof they are receiving Veterans Administration disability benefits for a service-related disability of 50% or more, or service related disability benefits as individually unemployable.  A special screen in Go Wild will ask for the customer to present their qualifications at the time of purchase.

Former veterans who are rated with a service-related disability of 70% or more, and who are only interested in fishing, can purchase an annual Wisconsin Resident Disabled Veteran fishing. These veterans must also present the VA award letter each year at time of purchase.
(The customer must carry the documentation for the Disabled fishing and also the Disabled Vet Fishing).

Purple Heart Conservation License
Senate Bill 178 signed by Governor Walker on November 8, 2013 authorizes resident and nonresident Purple Heart medal recipients who exhibit proof they received a Purple Heart medal to purchase a Conservation Patron license at a reduced rate. In addition, a nonresident Purple Heart recipient who exhibits proof they have received a Purple Heart medal may receive hunting, fishing and trapping approvals at resident rates.