Turkey Hunting

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ATTENTION:  Spring Turkey application deadline is December 10.  Applicants have until 11:59pm on Dec 10 to apply.  The Spring Turkey application product will be removed from the Go Wild product list after that.​  Customers may still make changes to their application before the deadline by contacting DNR at 888-936-7463.  ​


  What's​ the difference between a bonus and an awarded turkey harvest authorization?
  An awarded harvest authorization is assigned to that customer as a result of the turkey drawing.  It will be posted to the customer record ahead of time and will appear on the screen separate from the leftover ones.  A customer may purchase a bonus in addition to their awarded.

Who can purchase a bonus turkey harvest authorization?
  Anybody can purchase a bonus harvest authorization.  Customers may purchase one bonus per day regardless if they received one in the drawing.

  How many bonus permits can a customer purchase?
  They can purchase one bonus per unit per day until the requested unit is sold out.

  Can a customer purchase a turkey harvest authorization for another person?
  A customer may only purchase a harvest authorization for themselves, or for their own minor children (under 18).  Adults must be present at the agent to purchase their own.

  How does a customer know if they were awarded a turkey harvest authorization?

  If the customer is awarded a spring turkey harvest authorization, they will be notified via postcard, which explains when they can first purchase it.  See the link to the left.  You can also check under the Active Products and Points link under the Customer information section. 

  Is an awarded turkey harvest authorization included with the Patron license?

  If a customer purchases their patron license in spring, an awarded spring turkey harvest authorization will print out if they were successful in the drawing.  The license and stamp are also included. 

  Why doesn’t the turkey application show up on the screen under Applications?

  It is possible that the customer already purchased this application earlier in the year, or they already purchased their patron license, which includes the spring turkey application.  They can call the DNR Call Center at 1-888-936-7463, and they will look up that information for them.

  If a customer already applied spring turkey, can they change the zone they wish to apply for?

  They are able to change their zone if the deadline for submitting the application has not yet passed, however they cannot do so at your location.  They must make the change on the DNR website, or they can call the DNR Call Center at 1-888-936-7463.

  A harvest authorization for zone X, time period X does not show up on the terminal screen.
  There are three possible reasons why this would happen.  1)  That particular unit and/or time zone has been sold out.  2)  The customer already purchased a bonus turkey harvest authorization the same day.  3)  It may not be the sale date for that zone (for example, during the first week, Zone 1 goes on sale on Monday, but will not be available again until Saturday, when all zones go on sale

  Is the turkey stamp required​ to hunt turkey? 
  Yes.  All hunters need the Turkey Stamp to hunt turkey in spring and/or fall.  The stamp is automatically included with the purchase of the turkey license and is valid for both seasons (they will not be charged for a turkey stamp in fall if they already purchased it in spring). 

  What is the Youth Turkey Hunt?

 The Youth Turkey Hunt is a special hunt for hunters 15 years and under.  It usually takes place the weekend before the regular turkey season begins. 

  Is there a separate license required for my son/daughter to hunt the Youth Turkey hunt?

  No.  Youth can use their turkey license, stamp, and any awarded or leftover harvest authorization th​ey have purchased for the regular turkey season during the youth hunt.  They must hunt in the zone that is indicated.  If unsuccessful during the youth hunt, they can use that same harvest authorization during the season indicated.

  Do hunters have to register their turkey?

  Yes.  Registration is still required, either online at gowild.wi.gov or by calling the gamereg hotline at 844-426-3734.  Make sure to still print all turkey license documents, as the hunter will need the info on the harvest authorization for registration purposes.