Permit Applications

IMPORTANT:  There have been legislative changes to the Bear Management zones that affect the Bear Application process.  SELECT HERE​ to open the current Bear Zone Map and see the new zone structure.


Some hunting licenses are issued through an application and drawing process. Those harvest permits are awarded through a "preference point lottery system." In order to receive a harvest permit for one of these species, a customer must submit an application by the annual deadline and be a drawing winner.  All applications are available starting March 1, but they have different deadlines.  See the panel to the left for the applications and their deadlines.  You can select each application to see detailed instructions.​

The Otter application has been eliminated.  The application and drawing procedure for Otter has been eliminated.  The otter harvest authorization is now included at no cost with every trapping license. Otter harvest authorizations will print with the trapping license at the time of sale.


Q:  What if the application(s) do not show on the product list for a customer?

A:  Two possibilities:  1) The deadline for that particular application has past.  2) The customer has already purchased the application earlier in the year.  Check the customer's Active Products and Points to see any applications the customer purchased so far this year.

​Q:  What must a customer provide when they request to purchase a permit application?

A:  Permit applications rely on the customer to provide some information.  Unless only applying for preference points, most applications require them to provide a management zone and/or the time period of the season they wish to participate.  If they cannot provide this information, they should attempt to purchase at a later date when they are able to provide that info. 

Q:  What if a customer misses the deadline for a particular application?  Do they lose all their preference points?

A:  Missing out on one application will not affect a customer's point total.  However, failing to submit an application three years in a row will result in the customer losing all their points they have accumulated.

Q:  Are customers able to change their application choices after they submit their application?

A:  Customers may change their application choices on an application, but it must be before the deadline is past for that application.  They may contact the DNR at 1-888-936-7463 to make those changes