Customers receive a Renewal Notice from the DNR when their recreational vehicle decals are about to expireYou are able to renew a customer's recreational vehicles (boats, snowmobiles, ATV/UTV, and Off Highway Motorcycles) on Go Wild.  You can renew the expiration date, and print out a temporary operating receipt so the customer may operatethe vehicle until their registration materials arrive in the mail.  There are two ways to use Go Wild to renew a customer's vehicle:

1.  Using the Renewals button on the Sales Home screen.  Learn how here.

2.  Renew the vehicle from within the customer's account.  Learn how here.

NOTE:  As a license agent, you may only renew the registration decals.  Any customer wishing to transfer ownership a vehicle they just purchased must contact DNR for assistance.  You may print out one of the paper application forms for the customer from the links on the left.


Q:  Can I register newly purchased vehicles for a customer?

A:  No.  You only have the ability to renew vehicles for customers.  The vehicle must already be in the customer's name for a renewal to take place.  They must provide their customer and registration number to register through the Renewals button on the Sales Home page.  Select the Renewals (Quick Sale) link to the left for more information

Q:  What if the customer does not have their customer number or registration number with them?

A:  If the customer has limited information with them, try renewing the vehicle through the customer's account instead of the quick sale option on the Sales Home page.  Doing it this way will allow you to see all the customer's vehicles that are up for renewal, and you can proceed from there.  See the Renewals (Customer account) link to the left for more information.

Q:  Why do I get the error "Vehicle is not eligible for renewal"?

A:  A vehicle is not eligible for renewal if the registration is still current.  A vehicle can be renewed if it is within 3 months of its expiration date.

Q:  Why is the customer's vehicle not showing up in their vehicle list when I try to renew from their account?

A:  Only vehicles that are eligible for renewal will show up in the customer vehicle list.  Have the customer double check their registration to make sure it is expired or not.  The customer can call the DNR at 888-936-7463 for help.

Q:  Can the customer operate immediately? 

A:  You will print a temporary operating receipt at the end of the transaction that is valid for operation immediately.  The registration certificate and decals will be sent to them via US Mail.  Note:  The customer must also be aware of any trail passes they may need for operation as well.