​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The following is a list of upcoming events, seasons, and important dates related to your Go Wild license sales.  Dates are subject to change.  Please check this calendar regularly for updates. 



​​September 7 - October 11

​​Bear Season

​The Class A Bear Carcass Tag will only show up for bear drawing permit winners.  Find it under the Hunt/Trap Tab.  Once the tag is selected, the bear license will be available as an add-on.  SELECT HERE for more detailed information on the bear hunting page.
​September 17

​Archery Deer, Crossbow Deer, and Fall Turkey seasons open​
​Hunters who wish to hunt with both traditional bow and crossbow will need both the Archery Deer and Crossbow Deer licenses.  They can purchase one of them at regular price and purchase the "upgrade' to use the other weapon for an additional $3.  No additional carcass tags are issued with an upgrade license.

Note:  There is a new buyer Archery, but no new buyer Crossbow.  There is a special product for those who qualify for the new buyer Archery.  It allows them to purchase both licenses for $8 total ($5 for the New Buyer Archery plus $3 crossbow upgrade).  SELECT HERE for more info on reduced rate licenses
​​October 1- 9​
​​Disabled Gun Deer Hunt
​There is no special disabled deer hunting license for this hunt, however, there is an application process to participate.  Deadline to apply is Sept 1, and they must do this through the DNR.  If they have applied, they must purchase a regular Gun Deer License. 

Please note:  The hunt is statewide, but only on sponsered properties throughout the state.  Hunters should go online at to see the properties available to hun​t.
October 8-9

​Youth Deer Hunt
​​Youth purchase one gun deer license which is good for all gun seasons.  Any unfilled tags after the 2-day hunt may be used during the remaining gun deer hunts.

* Non-Resident Youth purchase a JR Nonresident Sports license for $36; includes gun deer, small game and fishing.

* If a Non-resident youth plans to Archery hunt, their only option is to purchase a JR Nonresident Patron for $77 which includes archery & gun deer, small game, fishing and more.
​​October 15

​Pheasant Season opens​
​​All hunters will need a small game license and pheasant stamp to hunt pheasants statewide.
October 31
​Deadline to purchase Lake Winnebago Sturgeon Spearing License
This deadline does not apply to persons who win in the drawing for an Upriver Sturgeon tag.​  SELECT HERE for instructions how to sell it.  
November 1

​​Check your supply of regulations
​Combined Hunting regulations booklet for hunting seasons.  This is an "all in one" resource that includes:  Deer, Small Game, Bear, Migratory Bird, Elk, Fall Turkey regulations, and the Spring Turkey regulations in one booklet. 
Look for the supply item "WI HUNTING REGULATIONS".

​​November 19-27

​9-Day ​Gun Deer Season​
​Hunters require a Gun Deer License, which includes a statewide buck harvest authorization and the option for free farmland (zone 2) antlerless harvest authorizations.  Licenses may be sold during the season.

Note:  Under the Lessor Weapon law, a hunter may hunt with a bow or crossbow under the authority of a gun deer license, but only during a deer firearm season.
​​​November 24
​DNR Service Centers closed
​DNR Service Centers will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. The DNR Call Center remains open from 7am-10pm.
​Nov 28 - Dec 7

​​Muzzleloader Deer Season
​Gun hunting is allowed with a muzzloader only during this season.  There is no special muzzleloader deer license.  Hunters will need a regular gun deer license and may use their unused gun buck tag, or any unused antlerless tags.

Archery and crossbow hunting are still allowed and proceed as normal during this season.
​​December 8-11

​Statewide Antlerless Deer Hunt
​A statewide antlerless only deer hunt for all weapon types.  Hunters will need a regular gun deer license and may use any unused antlerless harvest authorizations.

Archery and crossbow hunting is allowed during these four days​, but is also limited to antlerless only.
December 10

​​Application deadline for 2022 spring turkey and 2022 bear
​Deadline to purchase is 11:59pm on Dec 10.  The application products will be removed from Go Wild after that time.  If an application does not show for a customer before the deadline, they may have already purchased it earlier in the year.  Check their active products and points to confirm.
December 24-25

​DNR offices and DNR Call Center closed

Dec 24 - Jan 1, 2023

​Antlerless only H​oliday Deer Hunt
​An antlerless only deer hunt in participating counties.  Hunters may use any unused antlerless harvest authorization that is assigned to one of these counti​​es, or may purchase bonus harvest authorizations for those counties, if still available.     SELECT HERE​ for the map of participating counties.

Hunting in one of the participating counties:  Both gun and archery hunting are allowed, and only antlerless deer may be taken by all weapons.

Hunting outside the participating counties:  Gun hunting not allowed.  Archery hunting resumes as normal with both buck and antlerless.

Dec 31 - Jan 1, 2023

​​DNR offices and DNR Call Center closed